Photographer unknown
Courtesy of Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

“Losing the Human Form” at
Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

December 13 2012
1:16 PM

Radical in form and content, the exhibition “Losing the human form. A seismic image of the 1980s in Latin America” is essentially a research project-cum-exhibition organized by the research collective Red Conceptualismos del Sur. With a wide-ranging and inter-disciplinary quantity of material and evidence, “Losing the human form” looks at the fraught revolutionary politics of 1980s Latin America: the various dictators, uprisings, protests, and government instabilities that both repressed and emboldened the populations of Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. From Pinochet’s 1973 coup d ’état in Chile up through the 1994 Zapatista protests, a compelling portrait of the era is offered through video, performance, experimental theatre, participatory architecture and other forms of response. Content is divided into three main areas: “visual politics,” which addresses social movements such as Mujeres por la Vida (Women for Life) in Chile and Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina; “acts of sexual disobedience,” such as transvestitism and other forms of gender variance; and lastly the “underground scene,” which focuses mainly on music, parties, and other social underground communities that united people despite fierce opposi- tion from dictatorial governments and terrorism. Taken together, the research evidence presents a vivid portrait of social movements and collective at their historic best. (David Everitt Howe)

Until March 11th, 2013