Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor, The Ceremony an The Spirit, exhibition view at La Loge, 2012.
Courtesy of La Loge, Brussels
Photography by Isabelle Arthuis

La Loge, Brussels

December 11 2012
8:56 AM

Mysteriously located behind the large door of a Modernist brick building around the corner from Avenue Louise in Brussels, La Loge is a new exhibition space run by curator Anne-Claire Schmitz. Originally a Masonic temple designed in 1934-1935 by Modernist architects Fernand Bodson and Louis Van Hooveld, the building hosted the activities of Freemason obedience Le Droit Humain until 1976, then the Museum of the AAM (Archives of Modern Architecture) from 1984 to 2011. From the inside, La Loge is a jewel of Art Deco and occult design, with its large screen wall ornate by the Seal of Solomon pattern, whose purpose is to see without being seen.
For its inaugural exhibition, La Loge invited Belgian artist Sophie Nys to introduce her semi-documentary film shot in Rio de Janeiro’s park Parque de Flamengo, designed in the mid-sixties by famous Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The presentation also comprised photograms of tropical plant seeds found in the archives of the Belgian National Botanical Garden, and a public program of talks by a botanist or curator such as Pablo Leon de La Barra.
La Loge’s current exhibition, is a collaborative project between New York-based Roe Ethridge and Brussels-based Zin Taylor, entitled “The Ceremony and the Spirit,” which presents an ensemble of ceremonial objects and photographs of tools, props and ornaments.  (Martha Kirszenbaum)

On December 15th, La Loge will host a screening called “Fetish and Figure,” bringing together six films and videos by artists and filmmakers that address both the fetishization of objects and the exclusive relation between the representation of objects and the body.