Issue 21 – Summer 2014

MONO - John Armleder
Interview by Andrea Bellini; Essay by Jeanne Graff

Futura: Femi Adeyemi by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Pioneers: Bob Nickas by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen; Panorama: Los Angeles by Jesi Khadivi; Producers: Stephan Trüby by Carson Chan; Vis-à-Vis: “The Art of Food” by Francesca Gavin

INSERTS: “Portraits of Society” curated by Nicholas Cullinan; Robert Mapplethorpe curated by Elad Lassry; “Coupling” curated by Piper Marshall

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Kal 20_Cover

Issue 20 – Winter 2013/14

Ella Kruglyanskaya by Chris Sharp; Christian Falsnaes by Raimar Stange; Ned Vena by Mathieu Malouf; Haroon Mirza by Thom O’Nions; Loretta Fahrenholz by Michele D’Aurizio.

MAIN THEME – #VOICEOVER (edited by Alessio Ascari)
“Under the Skin” by Shama Khanna; “Out of Sync” by Pablo Larios; “The Ventriloquist Speech” by Marie de Brugerolle; “The Electronic Revolution,” Oliver Laric and George Vasey in conversation.

MONO - Francesco Vezzoli
Essay by Andrea Viliani; Interview by Kevin McGarry.

Futura: Kaspar Müller by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Producers: Simon Castets by Carson Chan; Panorama: Shanghai, Interview with Birdhead by Davide Quadrio; Pioneers: Christina Ramberg, Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen in conversation with Albert Oehlen; Close-up: Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament by Matthew Erickson.

INSERTS by Leo Gabin, David Robilliard and Hajime Sorayama.

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Issue 19 – Fall 2013

Koki Tanaka by Miwako Tezuka; Li Ran by Ho Rui An; Basir Mahmood by Gemma Sharpe; Seung Yul Oh by Emma Bugden; Maria Taniguchi by Joselina Cruz.

MAIN THEME – The Making of Asia
“The Making of a Museum”: Lars Nittve interviewed by Alessio Ascari; “The Making of an Imagery” by Desire Machine Collective and Shai Heredia; “The Making of a Network” by Claire Hsu, June Yap, Sook-Kyung Lee, Davide Quadrio and Defne Ayas; “The Making of a Modernity”: Cao Fei interviewed by Gavin Wade.

MONO - Yang Fudong
Essay by Davide Quadrio and Noah Cowan; Interview by Li Zhenhua; Portrait by Ka Xiaoxi.

Futura: Korakrit Arunanondchai by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Producers: Ou Ning interview by Carson Chan; Panorama: Singapore by Melanie Pocock; Pioneers: Keiichi Tanaami interview by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen.

INSERTS by Keizo Kitajima, Wang Xingwei and Pio Abad.

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K Issue 18_Cover

Issue 18 – Summer 2013

Andra Ursuta by Joanna Fiduccia; Shanzai Biennial by Kevin McGarry; Sergei Tcherepnin by Lawrence Kumpf; Yngve Holen by Pablo Larios; Petrit Halilaj by Elena Filipovic.

INSERT by Benjamin Senior

MAIN THEME - Post-i-Meta-Hyper-Materiality
Post-Materiality by Karen Archey; I-Materiality by Veronica So; Meta-Materiality by Rebecca Geldard; Hyper-Materiality by Ruba Katrib.

INSERT by Jochen Lempert

MONO - Massimiliano Gioni
Essay by Jonathan Griffin; Interview by Francesco Manacorda.

INSERT by Sterling Ruby

Futura: Amalia Ulman by H. U. Obrist and S. Castets; Vis-à-Vis: Carron meets Cornaro by Gary Carrion-Murayari; Producers: Alice Rawsthorn by Felix Burrichter; Panorama: Hong Kong by Leung Chi Wo; On Exhibitions: Black eyes and lemonade by Laura McLean-Ferris.

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Issue 17 – Winter 2012/13 (SOLD OUT)

Oscar Murillo by Isobel Harbison; Ryan Sullivan by Klaus Kertess; Allison Katz by Chris Sharp; Jonathan Binet by Michele D’Aurizio; Tala Madani by Chris Wiley.

INSERT by Marieta Chirulescu

MAIN THEME – Four Painters, Four Perspectives
Heimo Zobernig by Beatrix Ruf; John Currin by Catherine Wood; Amy Sillman by Joanna Fiduccia; Michael Krebber by Isabelle Graw.

INSERT by Fredrik Vaerslev

MONO – Dianna Molzan
Essay by Jonathan Griffin; Interview by Bruce Hainley.

INSERT by Keegan McHargue

Futura: Nikolas Gambaroff by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Souvenir D’Italie: Giorgio Griffa by Luca Cerizza; Producers: Almine Rech by Carson Chan; On Exhibitions: “Painter Painter” by Cristina Travaglini.

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Cover K16

Issue 16 – Fall 2012

Aleksandra Domanovic by Pablo Larios; The High Line Art by Piper Marshall; Tri Angle Reocrdsa by Ruth Saxelby; Desire Machine Collective by Ulrich Baer and Sandhini Poddar; Sylvia Sleigh by Joanna Fiduccia.

DRAWINGS by Ken Price

MAIN THEME – Human After All
Part A) Prisoner of Flesh by Michele D’Aurizio; Part B) Talking to Machines by Jason Brown and Brody Condon introduces by DIS Magazine; Part C) David Altmejd by Karen Archey; Part D) Possibility Spaces by Manuel de Landa and Timur Si-Qin.

STICKERS by Alistair Frost

MONO – Frank Benson
Essay by Alessandro Rabottini; Interview by Matt Keegan.

IMAGES by Karthik Pandian

Futura: Liz Magic Laser by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Panorama: Marseille by Dorothée Dupuis; Souvenir D’Italie: Alberto Garutti by Luca Cerizza; Producers: Ariane Beyn by Carson Chan.

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Issue 15 – Summer 2012 (SOLD OUT)

Santu Mofokeng by Philippe Pirotte; Hassan Khan and Wael Shawky by Shahira Issa; Sci-Fi Narratives by Nav Haq and Al Cameron; Athi-Patra Ruga by Linda Stupart; Cinémathèque de Tanger by Omar Berrada.

PORTFOLIO by Viviane Sassen

MAIN THEME – The Future of The Continent, Continent of the Future.
Part A) Art by Nana Oforiatta-Ayim; Part B) Cinema by Olufemi Terry and Frances Bodomo; Part C) Music by Benjamin Lebrave; Part D) Urban Planning by Antoni Folkers.

PORTFOLIO by Rotimi Fani-Kayode

MONO – Nicholas Hlobo
Interview by Sean O’Toole; Essay by Tracy Murinik; Focus by Liese van der Watt.

PORTFOLIO by Namsa Leuba

Futura: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye by Hans Ulrich Obrist; Panorama: From Nigeria to Ethiopia by Emmanuel Iduma; On Exhibitions: “African Negro Art” by Paola Nicolin; Souvenir d’Italie: Massimo Grimaldi by Luca Cerizza; Producers: Elvira Dyangani Ose by Carson Chan.

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