nonprofit art space
O’ in Milan

March 21 2012
10:03 AM

A non-profit multifunctional exhibition space established in 2001 by Sara Serighelli, O’ is located in one of Milan’s most culturally vibrant districts, Isola. Recently subject to a spreading gentrification, the area is currently witnessing the disappearance of its historic underground and squats. One of the few venues resisting this process, O’ operates a variety of activities, including its recently launched “Full Moon Saloon” series of events. Curated by Italian visual artist Dafne Boggeri, the series commenced this past January and will continue to host events on the full moon night of each month throughout the year. The project was inaugurated by the minimal retro-ambient sounds of Princess Century (a solo project of Maya Postepski, the drummer of the Canadian electro-pop band Austra) and the Norwegian new-wave musician Diis Paradiis’s live show (accompanied by the Swedish dancer Ylva Falk). FMS’s future program includes a variety of contributors, including London-based musician Verity Susman, Berlin-based artists Snjezana Cvitkovic and Michaela Meise, Paris-based director Silvia Casalino, and Milan-based dancers Sara Leghissa and Daria Menichetti. O’ also continues to organize listening events that explore historical avantgarde musical productions and a program of live gigs staged in collaboration with the Milanese record label Die Schachtel.  (Francesco Tenaglia)

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