Sam Falls, 2013, Balice Hertling, Paris
Courtesy of the artist; and Balice Hertling, Paris. Photo by Claire Dorn

Los Angeles-based artist
Sam Falls

November 22 2013
5:30 PM

The Los Angeles-based artist Sam Falls has had a busy year. Besides T293, the gallery that represents this young artist in Rome and Naples, Falls joined three other galleries including Hannah Hoffman in Los Angeles, Eva Presenhuber in Zürich and Balice Hertling in Paris where he has a solo presentation on view through November 23. In his last few projects Falls has exploited the amorphous domains of photography by flirting with various processes in order to show the organic qualities of representation and time. Some works, for instance, echo both the history of the image as well as the ethos of Jacek Tylicki’s Natural Art, a project started by the Polish artist in 1973. Utilizing the landscape of Southern California as a medium, Falls has left sheets of dyed linen and muslin outside for months, subjecting them to the desert’s elements. The culminating results are bleached portraits of the stark terrain. Most recently he has drenched fabric or rope with pigments and exposed the materials to the rare valley rain, producing psychedelic Morris Louis-esque bleeds. For Falls the works behave like photographs “formed over time, rather than captured in an instant,” as exemplified by his recent poster intervention organized by Kaleidoscope for ReMap4 in Athens where, once again, he used his surroundings as the primary instrument. (James Shaeffer)