From the series "My Skin as at War With a World Of Data," 2012
Courtesy of the artists and Auto Italia South East, London

Auto Italia South East

June 28 2013
11:04 AM

Auto Italia South East is an artist-run organization currently run by Kate Cooper and Marianne Forrest that has been producing and commissioning new work since 2007. Their projects explore the relationship between artistic practice and contemporary digital culture, frequently focusing on artistic community to which they belong and the will of a group of artists to produce and create according to their own rules. Their proposals take place both in physical spaces and online, and include live performances, Internet TV, weekend-long events and collaborations with organizations such as Artissima TurinTate Modern, or ICA London. For this latter project, they transformed the ICA gallery into a production space for an episode of Auto Italia LIVE, where collaborations between artists are performed, filmed and broadcast live, in real time, over the Internet. All this complicates traditional divisions between performance, production and distribution; realization and dissemination are as important as the work itself. Their latest project, Immaterial Labour Isn´t Working, started this past April, and consists of a forum in which to discuss and reflect on issues in post-Fordist economies, especially in creative industries. Round tables, workshops, and online contributions from critical voices—artists, activists, tech experts or writers—will aim to examine how digital technology is affecting our well-being in order to understand who is really getting benefit of contemporary work practices. A podcast series related with the project will soon be released online. (Juan Canela)