Lloyd Corporation, Upcycle (Relief I), 2013
Courtesy of the artist; Carlos/Ishikawa, London

Lloyd Corporation

July 1 2013
1:42 PM

From 6 June to 6 July, East London gallery Carlos/Ishikawa is hosting the second solo show of Lloyd Corporation, a collaboration between Ali Eisa and Sebastian Lloyd Rees. Trained at Goldsmiths, and counting solo presentations at Limazulu (London) and Krabbesholm (Denmark), Eisa and Lloyd Ress developed a peculiar sensibility towards the temporality of ubiquitous industrially designed objects. Their installations and sculptures evoke the doom of everyday commodities by displaying them as indeterminate items caught between ruin and artifact. Lloyd Corporation’s scenarios posit an archeology of the future that stems from a distinct strain of thinking about the excessive consumption inherent within global capitalism. Their post-apocalyptic narratives echo the most exquisite of British dystopian thinking, from the literary production of J.G. Ballard to TV series à la “Black Mirror.” Far from the nihilism of those fictions, their art seems to encourage seeking an “alternative” to over-consumption and can be placed alongside attempts to revaluate the pre-history of objects that currently fascinate contemporary industrial designers like Formafanstasma or Max Lamb. At Carlos/Ishikawa, Lloyd Corporation presents site-specific installations and sculptures to recall the bond between commodification and urbanization in the contemporary city. (Michele D’Aurizio)