Camille Blatrix, "Victor: Il Suo Cuore Vuoto Al Completo," 2013. Installation view
Courtesy of the artist; Balice Hertling, Paris; and Gasconade, Milan. Photo by Alessandro Zambianchi

Paris-based artist
Camille Blatrix

October 2 2013
4:00 PM

In his first solo show at Gasconade, Milan, “Victor: il suo cuore vuoto al completo, Camille Blatrix (b. 1984, Paris) used the exhibition as the pilot episode of a TV series, where the world and its characters are presented as a narrative puzzle. The artist develops scenarios for exhibitions that combine fragments of personal accounts with a constellation of contextual events, of which the framework of the invitation itself is a part, defining the components of a unique story each time. Imagined as an artifact of metaphorical decor, each object (book, desk, visit card wallet…) exists in a broad spectrum of symbolic links that spectators can manipulate in their own imaginations—proof that the story remains open-ended and that the viewer can also be its protagonist. Each one of Blatrix’s handmade works indicates an obsession with decorative finish, and, in this sense, rejects the qualitative levelling associated with mass production in favour of an artisanal process. They are light, modest, fragile, and seductive, and assert that the evocative power of an object is not necessarily in proportion to its scale. At a time when the “technological turn” has reconfigured the distribution of art, taking us further and further from being able to have a real experience of the work, Camille Blatrix comes up with a poetic vision for existing in the virtuality of this world. (Edouard Montassut)

Camille Blatrix will have a solo exhibition at Balice Hertling, Paris, in January 2014.

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