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If Mind Were All There Was. Nine Themes on Giuseppe Sacchi

If Mind Were All There Was. Nine Themes on Giuseppe Sacchi, a new artists book conceived by Victor Man on occasion of his solo exhibition “Lazarus Protocol” at the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow.

The book is a collection of texts inspired by Giuseppe Sacchi, a 17th Century Italian painter of portraits and historical subjects, who gave up art to become a Franciscan monk, and died young. No evidence of his work or further biography exists.

In the Basilica di San Francesco in Arezzo, Tuscany, a horse depicted in Piero della Francesca’s famous cycle of frescos The Legend of the True Cross (completed in 1466) bears Giuseppe Sacchi’s name on its forehead, a piece of graffiti added at an unknown date, and by unknown hands. Nine art critics, curators, writers and artists have been invited to shape a possible (unauthorized) biography, so as to reconsider the limits and possibilities of art writing.

Co-published with Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

Victor Man

Edited by
Alessandro Rabottini

Maria Fusco
Massimiliano Gioni
Martin Herbert
Francesco Manacorda
Tom Morton
Alessandro Rabottini
João Ribas
Torsten Slama
Martin Vincent

Victor Man with Andro Wekua

September 2011

Hardcover, 13 x 20,5 cm
112 pages

ISBN 978-88-97185-09-3