Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

Fahrenheit, Los Angeles

March 25 2014
7:17 PM

In the raw landscape of Downtown Los Angeles, amongst industrial castoffs and affordable warehouses, the more ambitious and trendsetting players in LA are establishing their presence. In January Fahrenheit, a new space and interrelated residency program
developed by FLAX Foundation (France Los Angeles Exchange), opened its inaugural exhibition “Far and High.” Presenting works by seven artists from Europe and North America, the show traces a growing interest in the “post-industrial” and the breakdown of methods and processes of production. Slippages and spillages, disruption and contamination characterize the sculptural, video and installation works on view. The exhibition features works by Laure Prouvost, David Douard, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Alicja Kwade, Tamara Henderson, David Gilbert and Vincent Ganivet, offering insight into Fahrenheit’s program of residencies, shows, performances, film programmes and talks, which are conceived by its Director and Curator Martha Kirszenbaum. In April, artist Julien Prévieux will continue Fahrenheit’s program of exchange and integration of France-related artists, curators and critics with a particular emphasis on outreach programs in the communities of greater Los Angeles. Then he will begin the first of Fahrenheit’s two three-month long residencies in their 1940s former auto-parts and textiles warehouse in Downtown’s eastern edge, which will host art critics, and artists David Douard and Laure Prouvost. Don’t miss Fahrenheit’s upcoming performances which will feature participating artists Julie Béna and Julien Prévieux. (Sam Watson)