Edward Said

“An Introduction to Radical Thinkers” at ICA, London

February 25 2014
3:00 PM

An Introduction to Radical Thinkers” is the second series of events held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, and undertaken with Verso Books for the launch of the latest set from their “Radical Thinkers” collection. With the aim of bringing theory to a broader audience outside of the academy, the ICA invites a variety of speakers to introduce the writing of Gillian Rose, Max Stirner, Edward W. Said, Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, and Sheila Rowbotham from 21 January–18 March 2014. Among the speakers, writer Federico Campagna and post anarchist thinker Saul Newman presented Stirner’s defence of individualism in The Ego and His Own (1845) on 4 February; on 18 February academic Shahidha Bari elucidated Said’s analysis of identity in his final book, Freud and the Non-European (2003); and professor and editor Steffen Böhm will present Laclau and Mouffe’s influential text Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics (1985) on 4 March. Sharing a similar approach to Stirner, but arguing for a plurality of political spaces, Mouffe and Laclau discuss “radical democracy” in the book’s fourth and perhaps most compelling chapter, stating that “[…] the project for a radical and plural democracy, in a primary sense, is nothing other than the struggle for a maximum autonomization of spheres on the basis of the generalization of the equivalential-egalitarian logic.” (Anja Isabel Schneider)