Cécile B. Evans, Bright, 2013
Courtesy of Bold Tendencies; © Cécile B. Evans

Bold Tendencies

August 28 2013
3:14 PM

Summer has finally arrived in London, and like every year, the top four floors of a disused multi-story car park in Peckham hosts one of the most dynamic and engaging events in London. In addition to an exhibition of newly commissioned site-specific works, Bold Tendencies offers a varied programme of performances, screenings, workshops, concerts and talks reflecting on the research of young artists. Besides that, what distinguishes Bold Tendencies from other projects in London this summer is its ability to activate a community. Peckham is one of the most animated and colorful districts south of the Thames; cultural and social mixes are the main features of its streets crowded with African hair salons, markets and art students. Bold Tendencies joins these realities and integrates them in a common cultural and spatial environment. Indeed, the most interesting projects are about collectivity, community and collaboration. On the roof, Jimmy Merris uses a second-hand Mercedes as a relational space where you can drink a beer with some friends and listen to a selection of African music. In a collaborative project Matthew Drage aims to lay down the foundations for a new religion. On the 6th of September, Hannah Perry will present HAND (Have A Nice Day), a video and performance realized in collaboration with invited artists and through a series of workshops with teenagers from South East London. (Guido Santandrea)

Bold Tendencies will run at Peckham’s multi-storey car park, London, through September 30.