Dieter Rams, Slide Projector D45, Braun, 1967 in "Sainte-Victoire. Corporate Identity", Galerie de l'erg, Brussels
Courtesy Le Musée des Erreurs

“Sainte-Victoire. Corporate Identity”
at Galerie de l’erg, Brussels

May 24 2013
3:33 PM

Sainte-Victoire. Corporate Identity” is the first exhibition presented by Le Musée des Erreurs, a project instigated by Pierre Leguillon. Held at Galerie de l’erg, the exhibition brings together an eclectic ensemble of artworks and objects from diverse figures such as Dieter Rams, Richard Hamilton, and Simon Starling. It narrates Richard Hamiltonʼs admiration of the designer Dieter Rams through a selection of objects and images collected by the designer Jules Wabbes. The title references a letter that Hamilton wrote in 1980 citing Dieter Ramsʼ influential tenure at the design company Braun. Hamilton draws parallels between the “crystalline” form of Cézanneʼs paintings of Mont Sainte-Victoire and the prodigious design genius of Rams. In his practice over the last twenty years, Leguillon has engaged with a form of art world cryptology. His work, often performative, has seen him adopt the position of curator, critic, and lecturer, and includes the various excavations of figures such as Josef Albers, John Baldessari, Ad Reinhardt and Diane Arbus. This new exhibition picks up on the artist’s previous projects probing the economy of objects and images within circuits of display and distribution. He is interested in the infidelity of ideas, often open-sourced and migrating between the worlds of art and design. “Sainte-Victoire” amplifies these shifts and appropriations, attempting to trace their genealogies and intricate narratives. (George Vasey)

The exhibition “Sainte-Victoire. Corporate Identity” at Galerie de l’erg will run through June 14.