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Michel Majerus, Pathfinder, 2002 © Michel Majerus Estate, 2002, courtesy neugerriemschneider, Berlin

Michel Majerus’s exhibition
at Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin

May 7 2013
3:17 PM

The mysterious and reclusive Berlin gallery/showroom neugerriemschneider spread itself thin across three different locations during the city’s colossal Gallery Weekend. Exhibiting solo projects by Isa Genzken and Billy Childish, neugerriemschneider dedicated a large space in Prenzlauer Berg to the late Luxembourger artist Michael Majerus. Majerus, whose rising career was cut short in a tragic plane crash in 2002, has exhibited with neugerriemschneider before. Known for his large-scale colorful paintings that combine paint with digital alterations, Majerus made a career out of carrying Pop Art into the 21st century. At neugerriemschneider last weekend, the gallery exhibited several pieces that each seemingly respond to singular Pop Art titans of the previous century. A large black shark printed on pink cloth hung on one wall brings to mind Sigmar Polke. Another painting in the back recalls the collaged canvases of James Rosenquist, while an additional triangular work mimics a colorful Kenneth Noland or early Judy Chicago. Towards the entrance, however, a giant print of a magazine advert featuring King Kong adorned with Christmas decorations predicts later works by Kelley Walker. While a lot of retrospectives can show how dated work can become after an artist’s death, Majerus’s showcase at neugerriemschneider proves that some bodies of work can survive well after their creator’s passing. (James Shaeffer)