Keiichi Tanaami, A Tree of an Elephant, 1989

Keiichi Tanaami’s show
at Kaleidoscope Project Space, Milan

April 2 2013
4:24 PM

Running in coincidence with MiArt 2013 and Milan Design Week, KALEIDOSCOPE’s project space presents the exhibition “No More War,” the first extensive presentation of Keiichi Tanaami’s 1980s sculptures and the artist’s absolute first solo exhibition in Italy. Reminiscent of Postmodern design, architectural models, and sci-fi scenarios, this series of works experiments with traditional Japanese craftsmanship used for wooden toy puzzles. The presentation is complemented by silkscreen prints from the series “Wonder View Guide” (1980) and early animation films from the 1970s.

The practice of Keiichi Tanaami (b. 1936) has been highly influential for the development of Pop Art in Japan, and he can be seen as a predecessor to many renowned Japanese artists, such as Takashi Murakami and Tabaimo. He collaborated with Ushio Shinohara, leader of the Japanese Neo-Dada movement, as well as Robert Rauschenberg and Michel Tapié during their stay in Japan. At the end of the 1960s, Tanaami traveled to the US, where he met Andy Warhol and visited the Factory. A trained graphic designer, in 1975 he was appointed art director of the Japanese edition of Playboy magazine. Since 1991, he has been teaching at Kyoto’s art school. He lives and works in Tokyo.

“No More War” is curated by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen, in collaboration with KALEIDOSCOPE. The exhibition was first hosted at Studiolo, Zurich; and Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin.

The exhibition will run from April 6 to May 18 and it will be open from Monday–Friday, 3–7 pm, or by appointment. During MiArt (April 5–7) and Milan Design Week (April 9–14), will be open every day with extended opening hours 11 am–1 pm; 3–7 pm.

With the support of P+P Studio, Milan; and Nanzuka Gallery, Tokyo.