Bild 020
Kris Martin, Mandi VIII, 2006 Courtesy
David Roberts Collection, London

“A House of Leaves” at the
David Roberts Art Foundation, London

January 15 2013
10:36 AM

The David Roberts Art Foundation recently opened a new space in Mornington Crescent, north of its central London holdings. Accommodating visiting artists’ residencies, as well as more ephemeral and peripatetic events of an informal, discursive, experimental and outwardly pedagogical nature, the space reconceptualizes itself as “a production centre” rather than a more formal or traditional exhibition space. An ambitious new program corresponds to this updated vision, framed by the eloquent title “A House of Leaves,” taken from the unconventional form and structures of Mark Danielewski’s novel (2000), which distorts temporal and narrative conventions with jumbled footnotes, multiple narrators and an uneven typographic layout. Correspondingly, a series of performances and happenings by Nina Beier, Chosil Kil, Alvin Lucier, Eddie Peake and Steve Reich constituted this exhibition’s prelude. Three sizeable group exhibitions curated by DRAF Director, Vincent Honoré mark the first, second and third ‘movement’, inspired by key pieces from the collection by Louise Bourgeois, Gerhard Richter and Pierre Huyghe. The series ends with a selection of semi-permanent works and interventions that explore the volume of the architectural space, including those by John Cage, Marie Lund, Roman Ondák, Manuela Ribadeneira and Lawrence Weiner. (Isobel Harbison)