Courtesy of, Berlin

STOP BY, Berlin

November 1 2012
10:23 PM

Although its domain may be misleading, is both the name and the website of a new art space founded and run in Berlin- Pankow by Simon Denny and Yngve Holen, the artists responsible for the celebrated Body Xerox parties initiated two years ago that turned photocopiers into disco lights. A photo album on’s facebook page documents their first event in June 2012, the publication launch of the “THE SMART FRRRIDGE READER.” Originally a downloadable PDF, it now comes as a print-on-demand publication in multifarious formats. The reader accompanies an exhibition project co-curated by Yngve Holen in late 2010 at Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz. The show featured work by Nicolas Ceccaldi, Ilja Karilampi, Morag Keil, AIDS-3D (Keller/Kosmas) and Marlie Mul, with whom Holen has also created XYM, an online publishing project dedicated to artist publications in PDF-format temporarily available to download, like Aude Pariset’s PDF-edition “No One Would Confuse a Utensil with a Mock” (2011). Follow’s programme, which includes a Berlin specific project by Lucky PDF. With its social network steadily expanding, it is the habitual being there that counts. (Anja Isabel Schneider)