Courtesy of Fade to Mind

Dance-music label Fade to Mind

November 16 2012
11:46 AM

The recent rise of the dance-music scene with artists like Cooly G, Laurel Halo, Girl Unit and Jam City is the result of the forward-thinking support of a few labels, such as Hyperdub, Hessle Audio or Night Slugs. For the most part this scene has been centered in United Kingdom. Ezra Rubin, the brainchild of Kingdom, has now teamed up with Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom and Prince William to create Fade to Mind, a transatlantic counterpart to Night Slugs. Although both draw from similar musical references, Fade to Mind defines its role in broader terms than its older brother; it claims to be not just a record label, but also a movement supported by a series of club nights, cooperative music and visual art projects.

As a statement of intent, Fade to Mind’s debut was hosted by DIS Magazine and organized in collaboration with Venus X’s cult underground party series GHE20G0TH1K. Among the most recent releases lies “Desert Strike“ the second EP of the ever-ruling Sci-Fi queen Fatima Al Qadiri or Massacooramaan’s  “Dead Long Time,” featuring six songs taking in elements of juke, dancehall and other unidentifiable strains of dance music in a brilliantly calculated way. Next to the producers involved in running the label, stand also artists such as  MikeQ, Gremino, Cedaa, Morri$, The CLAW, and Rizzla, exploring everything from droned-out techno and grime to ballroom. (Natalie Esteve

For a quick overview of the label’s sounds, download Fade to Mind’s Mix that “fucks your brain up” for the FADER.