Cover of Ayshay’s WARN-U EP (designed by David Toro)
Photography by Winona Barton-Ballentine

artist and composer
Fatima Al Qadiri

March 23 2012
11:20 AM

In the oversaturated sphere of music blogs, truly exciting content is hard to come by. Yet, Fatima Al-Qadiri’s weekly Global .wav mixtapes for DIS Magazine stand out as a rare source of overlooked contemporary music productions from places like Ukraine, Angola and Iraq. Al-Qadiri’s exceptionally broad knowledge of the field strongly contributes to her own creative output. While her first musical experiments from early childhood formed a response to her traumatic experience of the pre-liberation Kuwait, where she grew up before settling in New-York, Al-Qadiri’s EP on Tri Angle Records, Warn-U, provides a take on Muslim a cappella worship songs. To be sure, her prolific practice did not go unnoticed in the art world either. Last October, New Museum staged the launch of Al-Qadiri’s EP Genre-Specific Xperience, an intricate mix of music sub-genres like juke and 1990s Gregorian trance. The EP also became the basis of Al-Qadiri’s collaboration with artists such as Ryan Trecartin. Six original music videos were produced for her songs, including “How Can I Resist U,” a visual collage of traditional Ma’alaya dances and net-art aesthetics. Al-Qadiri’s latest collaboration with Khaled al Gharaballi, Mendeel Um A7mad (N x I x S x M), is a homage to the pioneer of genderbending Kuwaiti theatre, Abdul Aziz Al-Nimish, and will be exhibited at Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait. (Martha Kirszenbaum)