Trisha Baga
Trisha Baga, Madonna y El Nino (video still), 2010
Courtesy of the artist and Vilma Gold, London

New York based artist
Trisha Baga

March 22 2012
3:35 PM

The work of Trisha Baga is saturated with what critic Beau Rutland calls “an enduring honesty that rises above the din of the ADHD-addled art of today.” As a self-described “hoarder of images,” the New York artist weaves multifaceted narratives from snippets of everyday life and popular culture, often tracing their religious references. While a liberal use of cultural artifacts is a common facet of contemporary artistic practice, Baga stands out for her unpretentious and non-didactic approach to her material. By giving equal privilege to the relationships between objects, people, places and time, the artist creates spaces for the interplay between various elements of her layered progressions. Baga appears in many of her videos, performances, texts and mixed media works as a means of guiding their structure. Actively examining her own role as an artist, she envisions it as a vital and integral part of an artwork, with no kinship to the artist-roles of the distant, ironic observer or the sober, anonymous editor of images and narratives. Following her inclusion in a number of recent group shows, two solo exhibitions of Trisha Baga’s work open in April at Vilma Gold in London and at the Kunstverein Munich, the latter curated by Bart van der Heide. (Kathleen Reinhardt)

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